5 Top Tips For The Ideal Baptism Gift

Published: 08th April 2011
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Christenings are an important time in a small child's life. They can be an important way to celebrate a new life and will be the very first significant occasion for a new family. Increasingly Baptizms are changing into a much more secular event, with Naming Ceremonies taking the place of the more conventional Christenings and Baptisms.

Whether it's a Christening, Baptism or Naming Ceremony, it is still conventional to bring a gift to the occasion, and with a variety of different types of naming ceremony it can be hard to know what the most applicable gift should be.

In case you don't wish to go down the vouchers path and are after something a little more meaningful to offer, Engraved Gift Ideas have supplied you with this guide to picking the best Baptizm present.

Religious Or Secular?

This can be a delicate area which might make it tough to choose a present. Many individuals have different preferences and it is important to not be seen to instill your beliefs on others. If you're close to the family and know they'd appreciate a religious Baptism present then it will produce a meaningful gift item. If you're uncertain then you can find a great deal of non religious Baptism presents that will mean just as much, and will leave a long term impression.

Traditional Or Non-Traditional?

Similar to with religious gifts, you may either choose to go for the more typical Baptizm present such as a first tooth box, or something slightly less traditional like a necklace or a photo keyring. Again it comes down to the character of the family members that you are shopping for, but normally both varieties of presents are reasonable. An advantage of opting for a somewhat less standard present is that chances are, nobody else will have thought of it, so you will be investing in an original present that will likely be treasured and remembered.

Age Of The Child

Christenings don't only have to be for toddlers. Some people opt to have a religious Christening once the child is slightly older, so do bear this issue in mind before investing in your present. A baby bangle wouldn't have quite the same impact as a Baptism present for a toddler for instance! Contemplate slightly less conventional gifts that can be enjoyed by older children in this instance. It won't make the present less special as there are plenty of meaningful, good quality gifts on the market that will be suitable for an older child's Baptism.

Personalise The Present

One way of making sure your gift is original is to have it customized. Getting a Baptism present engraved with the child's name, date of birth or Christening date is one strategy to make sure your gift will be original and is the ideal technique to mark such a special occasion. With a personalized present you will make sure it is treasured for years to come.


On such a special celebration you would like your present to be something that will last a lifetime. Baptism presents are frequently kept for a great number of years, so make sure your present is a quality product that will be treasured. Many sterling silver items can be personalised, making them original gifts that will be valued forever.

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